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Hi! all, Welcome to my project. I hope this will be useful thing. 🙂

p.s. And I hope that some guy help me. If you are interested in this, please contact me. thank you.


  • OaaS is “OpenStack as a Service”.
  • MAINTAINER: Jung-In.Jung (
  • 2018-06-20 ~ Now


  • Auto-Provisioning OpenStack, Based on Kubernetes(k8s).
  • Scalaing for LB/HA.
  • Supoort Provisioning Almost OpenStack Releases. (Newton/Ocata/Pike/Queens/…)
  • Simple and Dynamic Configuration.
  • Auto Failover/Failback.

Components Diagram


Networking Diagram

OaaS Netowkring


  • Ocata
    • memcached (Completed)
    • rabbitmq (Completed)
    • mongodb (Completed)
    • etcd (Completed)
    • galera (Completed)
    • haproxy (Completed)
    • keystone (Completed)
    • glance (Completed)
    • nova (Completed)
    • neutron (Completed)
    • cinder (Completed)
    • heat (Completed)
    • ceilometer-central (Completed)
    • aodh (Completed)
    • horizon (Completed)
  • Integration of OpenStack Releases.
    • (TODO: Planning…)


System Env. & Arch.


  • General Kubernetes Cluster.
  • All k8s Worker nodes have to sync Time (e.g. chrony, ntp)
  • k8s worker nodes for neutron-server/nova-compute need to load openvswitch/ebtables/ip_vs kernel module.
    • Run contents of on compute/network role(label) woker nodes.
  • Quorum PODs (Replica is have to 2n+1)
    • galera-etcd
    • galera
    • rabbitmq


(Note) We have tested this tutorial with 6 VMs on VirtualBox Env. If u want, any env is possible. (eg. physical machines)

(Note) We use NFS for cinder backend storage for simple tutorial, but soon we will change to ceph back-end storage.

Spec. of Physical Host

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 (3.2GHz)
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Storage: SSD (2TB)
  • NIC: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (5) I219-LM

Spec. of each VM

(Note) Maybe, you need big RAM. if not, reduce number of replicas.

  • CentOS-7 x86_64
  • 2 EA vCPUs
  • vRAM: 2GB ~ 6GB
  • 100 GB vDisk
  • 1 EA NIC

Spec. of k8s

This is versions of packages that i have tested.

  • docker-ce-18.06.0.ce-3.el7.x86_64
  • kubernetes-cni-0.6.0-0.x86_64
  • kubectl-1.11.1-0.x86_64
  • kubelet-1.11.1-0.x86_64
  • kubeadm-1.11.1-0.x86_64

VM OS Env.

# cat /etc/hosts k8s-master k8s-node01 k8s-node02 k8s-node03 k8s-node04 k8s-node05

Deploy Tutorial

Node Labels (Role)

(!) Network(neutron-sever) worker nodes must be separated/dedicated. (network=true)

[k8s-master]# kubectl get node --show-labels

k8s-master   Ready     master    8d        v1.11.1
k8s-node01   Ready     <none>    8d        v1.11.1   controller=true,compute=true,nfs-server=true
k8s-node02   Ready     <none>    8d        v1.11.1   controller=true,compute=true
k8s-node03   Ready     <none>    8d        v1.11.1   controller=true,compute=true
k8s-node04   Ready     <none>    8d        v1.11.1   network=true
k8s-node05   Ready     <none>    8d        v1.11.1   network=true

default configs (eg. password)

check main env file, src-ocata/configMap-env-common.yaml

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: env-common
  DISCOVERY_SERVICE: "etcd-client:2379"
  CLUSTER_NAME: "mariadb_galera_ss"
  #MYSQL_DATABASE: "mydatabase"
  #MYSQL_USER: "myuser"
  MYSQL_PASSWORD: "passw0rd"
  K8S_MONGO_USER: "admin"
  K8S_MONGO_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_KEYSTONE_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_GLANCE_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_CINDER_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_NEUTRON_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_NOVA_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_GNOCCHI_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_AODH_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_HEAT_DB_PASS: "passw0rd"
  K8S_NFS_SERVER_IP_ETC_KEY: "k8s-oaas-nfs-server-ip-address"

Required Docker Images.

  • call518/oaas-init-container
  • call518/oaas-nfs-server
  • call518/oaas-etcd
  • call518/oaas-galera
  • call518/oaas-memcached
  • call518/oaas-rabbitmq
  • call518/oaas-mongodb
  • call518/oaas-haproxy
  • call518/oaas-zookeeper
  • call518/oaas-ocata

Initiate Deploying OpenStack

[k8s-master]# git clone [here]

[k8s-master]# cd OpenStack-on-Kubernetes/src-ocata

[k8s-master]# ./

Result Deploying

[k8s-master]# kubectl get all -o wide

NAME                           READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE       IP             NODE
pod/cinder-0                   1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node03
pod/cinder-1                   1/1       Running   0          6m   k8s-node01
pod/etcd0                      1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node02
pod/etcd1                      1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node03
pod/etcd2                      1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node01
pod/galera-0                   1/1       Running   1          38m   k8s-node02
pod/galera-1                   1/1       Running   0          17m   k8s-node03
pod/galera-2                   1/1       Running   1          33m   k8s-node01
pod/glance-0                   1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node01
pod/glance-1                   1/1       Running   0          10m   k8s-node03
pod/haproxy-7b567f67d8-mxm7v   1/1       Running   3          38m   k8s-node03
pod/horizon-6965547f56-kgc44   1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node02
pod/keystone-0                 1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node02
pod/keystone-1                 1/1       Running   0          13m   k8s-node03
pod/memcached-0                1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node02
pod/memcached-1                1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node03
pod/memcached-2                1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node01
pod/neutron-server-0           1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node01
pod/neutron-server-1           1/1       Running   0          5m   k8s-node03
pod/nfs-server                 1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node01
pod/nova-compute-0             1/1       Running   0          38m    k8s-node04
pod/nova-compute-1             1/1       Running   0          38m    k8s-node05
pod/nova-server-0              1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node02
pod/nova-server-1              1/1       Running   0          4m   k8s-node01
pod/rabbitmq-0                 1/1       Running   0          38m   k8s-node03
pod/rabbitmq-1                 1/1       Running   0          35m   k8s-node01
pod/rabbitmq-2                 1/1       Running   0          35m   k8s-node02

NAME                          TYPE        CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)                                                       AGE       SELECTOR
service/cinder                ClusterIP   None             <none>        8776/TCP                                                      38m       app=cinder
service/etcd-client           ClusterIP    <none>        2379/TCP                                                      38m       app=etcd
service/etcd0                 ClusterIP    <none>        2379/TCP,2380/TCP                                             38m       etcd_node=etcd0
service/etcd1                 ClusterIP     <none>        2379/TCP,2380/TCP                                             38m       etcd_node=etcd1
service/etcd2                 ClusterIP   <none>        2379/TCP,2380/TCP                                             38m       etcd_node=etcd2
service/galera                ClusterIP   None             <none>        3306/TCP                                                      38m       app=galera
service/glance                ClusterIP   None             <none>        9292/TCP,9191/TCP                                             38m       app=glance
service/haproxy-galera        ClusterIP   None             <none>        3306/TCP                                                      38m       app=haproxy
service/haproxy-stats         NodePort   <none>        9000:30090/TCP                                                38m       app=haproxy
service/horizon               NodePort    <none>        80:30080/TCP                                                  38m       app=horizon
service/keystone              ClusterIP   None             <none>        5000/TCP,35357/TCP                                            38m       app=keystone
service/kubernetes            ClusterIP        <none>        443/TCP                                                       2d        <none>
service/memcached             ClusterIP   None             <none>        11211/TCP                                                     38m       app=memcached
service/neutron-server        ClusterIP   None             <none>        9696/TCP                                                      38m       app=neutron-server
service/nova-compute          ClusterIP   None             <none>        8774/TCP,8775/TCP,6080/TCP                                    38m       app=nova-compute
service/nova-server           NodePort     <none>        8774:30177/TCP,8778:30246/TCP,8775:31964/TCP,6080:30068/TCP   38m       app=nova-server
service/rabbitmq              ClusterIP   None             <none>        5672/TCP,4369/TCP,25672/TCP                                   38m       app=rabbitmq
service/rabbitmq-management   ClusterIP   None             <none>        15672/TCP                                                     38m       app=rabbitmq

NAME                      DESIRED   CURRENT   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE       CONTAINERS   IMAGES                 SELECTOR
deployment.apps/haproxy   1         1         1            1           38m       haproxy      call518/oaas-haproxy   app=haproxy
deployment.apps/horizon   1         1         1            1           38m       horizon      call518/oaas-ocata     app=horizon

NAME                                 DESIRED   CURRENT   READY     AGE       CONTAINERS   IMAGES                 SELECTOR
replicaset.apps/haproxy-7b567f67d8   1         1         1         38m       haproxy      call518/oaas-haproxy   app=haproxy,pod-template-hash=3612392384
replicaset.apps/horizon-6965547f56   1         1         1         38m       horizon      call518/oaas-ocata     app=horizon,pod-template-hash=2521103912

NAME                              DESIRED   CURRENT   AGE       CONTAINERS       IMAGES
statefulset.apps/cinder           2         2         38m       cinder           call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/galera           3         3         38m       galera           call518/oaas-galera
statefulset.apps/glance           2         2         38m       glance           call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/keystone         2         2         38m       keystone         call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/memcached        3         3         38m       memcached        call518/oaas-memcached
statefulset.apps/neutron-server   2         2         38m       neutron-server   call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/nova-compute     2         2         38m       nova-compute     call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/nova-server      2         2         38m       nova-server      call518/oaas-ocata
statefulset.apps/rabbitmq         3         3         38m       rabbitmq         call518/oaas-rabbitmq

Open Horizon Dashboard

In browser, http://[One_of_worker_nodes]:30080


(Note) Maybe, needed more worker nodes…


[k8s-master]# kubectl scale --replicas=4 statefulset.apps/cinder
[k8s-master]# kubectl scale --replicas=5 statefulset.apps/galera (must 2n+1)



Horizon Login


Horizon Overview


Horizon Instances

Network Topology

Horizon Network Topology

Instance Web Console

Horizon VM Console


  • Re-Configuration Flat-IP Ranbe for EXT-NET.
  • (Done) Simplify initContainer Check-Processing.
  • Integration of All of Provision Source. /w Template and ETc…



Active Repository (GitHub)

Mirrored Repository (GitLab)


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