Multinode DVR Devstack

Assaf Muller

I recently configured a multi-node Devstack DVR setup and thought it might be useful to share my experience.

I use three VMs: Each VM has one NIC with internet access. I normally run Devstack Neutron VMs with only one NIC – If the instances you create inside this environment require internet access, just connect the NIC to br-ex and move the IP addressing information to be-ex. I designate one VM as an ‘all-in-one’ (API servers, compute, and network), the second VM as a compute, and the third as a network node. This allows me to test DVR east-west routing (This is why I have two computes) as well as default SNAT behavior (Requires a dedicated network node / A l3 agent in ‘dvr-snat’ mode). I dislike Devstack flags/macros and prefer to configure the services myself with [post-config] sections. This soothes my control-freak nature and allows me to assert that…

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