Distributed Virtual Routing – SNAT

Assaf Muller

Where Am I?
Overview and East/West Traffic
Floating IPs

SNAT vs Floating IPs

A quick reminder about two NAT types used in Neutron.

  1. SNAT refers to source NAT, or, changing the source address of packets as they leave the external device of a router. This is used for traffic originating from VMs that have no floating IP attached. A router is allocated a single IP address from the external network which is shared across all VMs connected to all subnets the router is connected to. Sessions are differentiated according to the full tuple of (source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port). This is typically known as ‘PAT’, or port address translation in the networking world.
  2. Floating IPs, sometimes called DNAT (Destination NAT) in Neutronland, implement a much simpler form of NAT, a 1:1 private to public address translation. You can assign a VM a floating IP and…

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